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I found out that Brittany's fanmail address was no longer working since she no longer has a manager. I have updated the contact information on the website. If you sent Brittany a letter recently to the old address, she won't get it. You'll want to use the new address.

Posted on Nov 11 2007 by Alan Owen
Diversity Awards
Brittany Snow and Elijah Kelley have been tapped to receive the 2007 Diversity Awards in the rising artist category for their performance in the film ‘Hairspray’. The awards gala will take place on Nov. 18 at Universal Studios' Globe Theatre in Hollywood. You can watch the new movies trailers of past and futured films.

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Posted on Nov 03 2007 by Alan Owen
Hairspray DVD Release Date
Hairspray will be released on DVD, Bluray, and HD-DVD on November 20!
Posted on Sep 18 2007 by Alan Owen
Prom Night
I learned that shooting for Prom Night has finished and the movie is scheduled to be released on April 11, 2008.
Posted on Sep 11 2007 by Alan Owen
Vegas Magazine Video has exclusive video footage of Brittany's Vegas Magazine Photoshoot!

You can to check out the video.
Posted on Jul 31 2007 by Alan Owen
Hairspray Sing Along
This Friday (August 3, 2007) New Line Cinema will release a special edition print of HAIRSPRAY with sing along tracks for audience participation. This is your chance to belt out 'Good Morning Baltimore' or "You Can't Stop the Beat' with all your friends! Check out the locations and theatres that are participating!
Posted on Jul 31 2007 by Alan Owen
ContraCostaTimes Article
I came across an interesting article about Brittany which you can view.
Posted on Jul 28 2007 by Alan Owen
Upcoming Magazines
Brittany will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Vegas Magazine! She will be on the front cover as well. There is a great article about her as well in the upcoming issue.

She will also appear in the August 6'th issue of OK! magazine and U.S. Weekly, and the August 9'th issue of Rolling Stone.
Posted on Jul 27 2007 by Alan Owen
Parade Magazine
Brittany will be in Tommorrow's issue of Parade Magazine! You can read her article. (Thank you David for finding this)
Posted on Jul 14 2007 by Alan Owen
Fashion Trends
In the 21st century, fashion has got a stronghold on the planet. Fashion might have evolved completely from last century, but the will of each woman to carry the best fashion remains the same. The variation of fashion trends can also occur due to the difference in culture. People from different cultures have different background. They have their unique style.
Don't forget that Hairspray will be coming out on the 20'th! You can now to view the trailer of the movie. I've also uploaded newer promotional photos of Hairspray in the Gallery!

You can also get your own personalized autograph of Brittany online by visiting this site!
I just found out that Hairspray will be opening in theaters on July 20!
Posted on Jun 26 2007 by Alan Owen
Kitson Inventation
Brittany will be at the Kitson Hairspray Jewelry Collection Exclusive Launch on Saturday July 14, 2007!

The event will be from 2 to 4 PM at 115 S. Robertson Blvd., in Los Angeles. The event is open to the public, so if you are around, don't forget to check it out!
Posted on Jun 25 2007 by Alan Owen
Vegas Magazine
Brittany will be on the august cover of Vegas Magazine! Keep an eye out for it!
Posted on Jun 04 2007 by Alan Owen
Hairspray Premieres
Brittany will be at the New York Premiere of Hairspray Monday July 16'th!

She'll then attend the premiere at Baltimore. The Baltimore premiere is set for 7:30 p.m. at the Charles, followed by a party at the Tremont Grand hotel, 225 N. Charles St., from 9:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.

Tickets for the combined event are $150, with proceeds benefiting AIDS Action Baltimore. For tickets or for more information: 410-837-2440.
Posted on Jun 01 2007 by Alan Owen
Message From Brittany
Hey everyone its Britt. I first have to say I am so very sorry for not writing before now. I am busy but it was stupid of me to neglect this website and especially you guys. I don't really know why I have not written yet but it had nothing to do with my lack of appreciation for your support. I check out this site rather frequently and I am so flattered and grateful. I promise that, as much as I can, I will write and give updates if you guys are interested.

Lately, I have gone to a few other websites with message boards about me. I'm going to be honest, I have gotten my feelings hurt a lot. I am very sensitive and I shouldn't read those things anyway, but every now and then I glance at them and I am amazed at the lies people make up. I am very grateful for the support and kind comments you guys have always given me.

Right now I'm on the set of my new movie PROM NIGHT. Its very very fun. The cast and crew are amazing. I think this will be a very scary, cool thriller. Its a smart script and very classy. Btw its not a remake, just the same title. I work everyday this week and am doing photoshoots on the weekends to promote HAIRSPAY so its very busy and exciting. Once again thanks for all your support. I will write again very soon.

All my best
Posted on May 02 2007 by Brittany Snow
TV Listings
You can now click on the calendar button on the left to see a listing of all the upcoming movies/shows airing with the next few weeks, that Brittany is in! The listings updates automatically so it will always be up-to-date.
Posted on Apr 27 2007 by Alan Owen
Hairspray Trailer
I came across a Trailer for Hairspray! Here is the link to play the trailer.
Posted on Apr 26 2007 by Alan Owen
JTMD Interview
I've added a link to a good JTMD interview with Brittany in the interview section.
Posted on Apr 08 2007 by Alan Owen
Hairspray Pictures & Other Sites
I've added pictures of Brittany from the set of Hairspray! You can click here to find them!

Also, unrelated to Brittany, I'm now the webmaster of several official websites, and I'd like to invite everyone to leave any comments about my new websites which are: Morgan York, Wendy York, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Haili Page, Hailey Anne Nelson Online, CJ Sanders, Daylia Wallace, Pickren Twins, and Liana Liberato.

If you haven't seen Juhn Tucker Must Die yet, I highly recommend it! It's a great comedy!
Posted on Aug 21 2006 by Alan Owen