Brittany Snow – Biography


Brittany Anne Snow

All the information in the biography came from interviews, articles and other information on the web. There’s also information from Cinda too! If there is anything else you think that should be included in the biography, please let me know!

Brittany Anne Snow was born on March 9, 1986. Her parents are John and Cinda Snow. At the time, Tampa Florida was their home town.

At the age of 3, she posed for a Burdines print advertisement, and this began her career as a model. According to her father, John Snow, “She just took to it like a fish to water.” At the age of 6, her mother started taking Brittany to auditions for commercials taped in Orlando, in which she received several roles. She has lent her voice, and appeared in ads for McDonalds , Nabisco Thin Crisps, Disney, Kmart, and Busch Gardens. To date, Brittany has appeared in a total of 15 commercials.

Also during the same time, she has become a talented dancer. She has been a member of Broadway Dance, LA Dance Force, Underground, and The Pizzaz Competitive Dance Group.

Brittany has also appeared in many plays. Her regional theater credits include Pirates of Penzance, Annie, The King & South Pacific, as well as a national tour of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

In 1993, around the age of 8, Brittany appeared on two episodes (her first TV appearances, besides commercials) of SeaQuest 2032. The SeaQuest show was cancelled in 1995. Brittany also had a role in “From the Earth to the Moon.” in 1998.

In the fall of 1998, her parents hired a New York agent for Brittany. One week later, the agent sent the Snows a “GL” script. This lead to her role on CBS’s Soap Opera, “Guiding Light.”

Cinda and John Snow, upon finding out that Brittany was hired to play the role of Susan on Guiding Light, decided immediately to stay in Tampa, even though the Guiding Light crew wanted the Snows to move to New York. “We’re committed to keeping her a real kid.” Said Cinda Snow. Tampa is where Brittany grew up, made friends, went to school, and her parents didn’t want to let her fame interfere with her normal life.

Brittany can not completely avoid getting special attention. She often gets fan mail and appears in national magazines. She also signs 8 x 10 photos of herself for fans throughout the nation. Even in school, her fame is evident. One day, while stopping by her math teacher’s classroom to get her homework, he reminded Brittany to bring him a list of the dates of the Guiding Light episodes she will be appearing in.

After Brittany got the role of Susan “Daisy” LeMay in 1998, her life changed. Brittany “seemingly juggles two contradictory lives.” One as an honor student at Ben Hill Middle School (later on, at Gaither High School), and the other as a regular on the daytime soap. Her typical schedule is similar to this:

1.   Packs up to fly to Manhattan from Tampa on a weekend, with one of her parents.
2.   Goes to her apartment for three days, while filming on Guiding Light.
3.   Studies her homework during the night, and on weekends.
4.   After filming, Brittany returns to Tampa (often took care of homework on the flight), and goes to school to take any tests.

To help out, Brittany’s school sent her work ahead of time, then once Brittany finished her homework, she faxed it back or brought it with her when she returned to Tampa.

Brittany loved to play the role of Susan! “My character was always into a lot of trouble.”, “I loved to play that part and get to be the ‘bad girl’ and do all those things that I’d never do in real life.” Brittany said. “Acting is her sport,” says John Snow. “She doesn’t play soccer or anything like that. She loves singing and dancing, acting… and for now, this is a great opportunity as long as it doesn’t interfere with her schoolwork and growing up.”